Employer Profile for Red Jacket Schools

Our Mission

We will challenge all learners and work in partnership with students, parents and community to achieve high standards.

Our Vision

Every employee of the District plays a vital role in the success of our students.  With uncompromising commitment in the pursuit of excellence, we will meet the unique needs of every student, regardless of social advantage, race or gender and ensure he or she has a safe learning environment and acquires necessary foundational skills.  We will promote healthy habits and provide challenging, real-world learning experiences. We will cultivate student ownership for goal-setting, learning and citizenship by partnering with families and community groups.  We will promote a learning environment of critical thinking, creative problem-solving, self-direction and collaboration in order to maximize each student’s ability and potential to succeed in an ever-changing, highly technical and diverse world.  Together, we will develop and maintain the highest level of ethical and professional practice, demonstrating a culture of respect, cooperation, and pride, with care and dignity for all.